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Kiteboarding in Miami with MN’s Dan Fitzgibbons

September 15, 2018

Take parasailing or flying a kite one step further with this adventure sport -- kiteboarding. Also known as kitesurfing, this exciting activity is available along many beaches these days, including the shores of beautiful Miami, Florida. There, as MN’s Dan Fitzgibbons recently discovered on his journeys, you can find not only many experienced kiteboarders flipping tricks and riding the waves, but also Miami Kiteboarding School, ready to teach you how to kitesurf like a pro in no time.

With a board attached to your legs and a large kite above, simply learn to ease over the waves alongside the wind of the Miami Beach shores. At Miami Kiteboarding School, an instructor will assist with lessons and provide the ultimate experience to have you kitesurfing on your own within a few waves -- or so. Dan Fitzgibbons tried out this adventure. Will you?